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Sushi Candle Workshop 壽司蠟燭手工課

Sushi Candle Workshop 壽司蠟燭手工課

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🍣 Sushi Candle Workshop - Craft Your Own Sushi-Inspired Candles 🕯️

Welcome to our beginner-friendly Sushi Candle Workshop, where creativity and culinary artistry merge to create delightful sushi-inspired candles! This unique experience invites you to not only craft your own sushi candles but also indulge in the fun and creativity of candle making.

Workshop Highlights:

Embark on a 2-hour journey of creativity in a relaxed setting. In this hands-on workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to create three sushi, two sushi rolls, one wasabi  and some gingers, all packaged beautifully in a sushi box. This workshop uses 100% natural bee wax, providing a delightful honey scent.

Workshop Process:

  • Introduction to Natural Bee Wax: Learn about the benefits of 100% natural bee wax, which emits a delightful scent reminiscent of honey, as we begin the workshop.

  • Sushi Candle Making: Dive into the art of candle making as you craft your very own sushi candles. Choose the color of the wax to customize your sushi creations and let your imagination run wild as you mold each piece to perfection.

  • Take Home Your Sushi Creations: At the end of the workshop, take home your beautifully crafted sushi candles, rolls, wasabi, and gingers, all nestled in a sushi box. Whether as a decorative piece, a unique gift, or a delightful addition to your home, your handmade sushi candles are sure to impress.

Join Us:

This workshop promises a fun and memorable experience for all, making it perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, team-building events, or simply a creative day out. Let your creativity flourish as you craft your own sushi-inspired candles and create lasting memories with friends and loved ones.


Attendance to the workshop is reserved exclusively for registered participants who have made the payment; kindly note that family members and friends are not permitted to attend without prior registration and payment.


🍣 壽司蠟燭手工課 - 手作獨特的壽司蠟燭 🕯️





  • 認識天然蜂蠟與蠟燭製作: 在開始工作坊時,了解100%天然蜂蠟的好處與其獨特性。然後我們將介紹以及演示如何製作蠟燭。

  • 製作壽司蠟燭: 選擇蠟的顏色,製作出屬於您的壽司。我們會一步步教學員製作出三個壽司、兩個壽司捲、一個芥末和一些薑蠟燭。滿滿的一個壽司combo~

  • 帶回家的壽司: 將壽司蠟燭包裝在一個壽司盒中。無論是作為裝飾品、獨特的禮物還是家居的一道美麗風景,手工壽司蠟燭一定會令人印象深刻。



手作課預約政策: 請在付款前閱讀。


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