Our Spirit

"New" is the most obvious and simplest imprint of this era. Art, as a product of the times, puts on new clothes, sprouting with new perspectives and new forms. The original intention of A New Studio is to continuously absorb new information while constantly generating new ideas. Dare to subvert and break through in artistic creation, and cherish the value of daily renewal. The studio looks forward to opening a new chapter in art with you.

About the Studio

Welcome to "A New Studio," where creativity finds its home and inspiration is cultivated with every brushstroke and scent. Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, our studio is a haven for artisans and enthusiasts alike, offering a diverse array of workshops and handcrafted goods that celebrate the beauty of the handmade.

At "A New Studio," we believe in the transformative power of creation. Whether you're joining us for one of our immersive workshops in candle making, diffuser crafting, perfume blending, or exploring your artistic talents through painting sessions, each experience is designed to ignite your imagination and guide you on a journey of self-expression.

But our studio is more than just a space for workshops. It's a reflection of our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Every candle, diffuser, and perfume that graces our shelves is meticulously handmade, infused with passion and care. Each piece tells a story, carrying with it the essence of our dedication to quality and authenticity.

In addition to our handcrafted treasures, "A New Studio" is a gallery of artistic expression. Here, we proudly showcase a curated selection of paintings and photography, capturing moments of beauty and wonder that inspire us daily. Our gallery invites you to explore the depths of creativity and discover new perspectives.

So why "A New Studio"? Because we believe in the power of new beginnings. Our studio is a place where possibilities are endless, where every creation marks the start of something extraordinary. It's a testament to the endless potential of artistry and the joy of embracing the unknown.

Join us at "A New Studio" and embark on a journey of creativity, discovery, and endless inspiration. Together, let's make something beautiful, one brushstroke, scent, and photograph at a time.

Instagram: anewstudio.ca

WeChat: a_new_studio
Email: info@anewstudio.com
Address: 3428 W Sawmill Cres, Vancouver V5S 0E3



新,是這個時代最明顯,最簡單的烙印。藝術作為時代的產物,傳統藝術穿上新衣,以新的視角、新的形式萌發。A New Studio創立的初心在於不斷地吸收新的資訊,同時不斷創造新的想法。在藝術創作中勇於顛覆與突破,德貴日新。工作室期待與您一起開啟新的藝術篇章。

A New Studio展出與販售Ans Li的藝術作品及其手工製品。




About Ans Li 關於Ans Li

Education 教育

M.F.A. in Studio Arts, San Francisco Art Institute 舊金山藝術學院藝術碩士

B.A. in Multimedia and Theatre & Film, McMaster University 麥馬斯特大學多媒體與戲劇電影學士

KCCA (Korea Candle Craft Association) Certified 韓國蠟燭工藝協會指導師資格證書

Solo Exhibitions/Performances 個人展出/演出

2018 Color, Paul Sack Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Take Your Broken Heart, Make It Into Art, Swell Gallery Outside Wall, San Francisco, CA

The Dump of Broken Hearts, SFAI Fort Mason Campus Atrium, San Francisco, CA

2017 China: A Transforming Society, Still Lights Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions 群體展

2019 Photography Without Camera, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018 Rule No Rule, Embark Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Happy Birthday!, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2017 Lyons New Media Centre, Hamilton, ON

Factory Media Center, Hamilton, ON

Publications/Awards 發行/獎項

2019 Root Division, MFA Now Archive. 64.

2017 Emerge Media Awards: the First Place in the Category of Photography

Incite Magazine, Vol. 19 Issue 3, 44-45.

Incite MagazineVol. 19, Issue 4, 60.

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