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"Wood Sage" Reed Diffuser

"Wood Sage" Reed Diffuser

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Our most popular and best-selling fragrance: the Wood Sage Reed Diffuser. Immerse yourself in the essence of the wilderness, where the aromatic breeze carries the earthy and herbal scent of wild sage through rugged woodlands.

Our Wood Sage Reed Diffuser has captured the hearts of countless nature enthusiasts and discerning fragrance lovers. It embodies the very spirit of untamed beauty, allowing you to bring the tranquility of the great outdoors into your living space. Whether you seek a moment of respite or simply want to infuse your surroundings with the grounding allure of sage, our diffuser is the undeniable choice of those who appreciate the finest in fragrant elegance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for enduring fragrance, our Wood Sage Reed Diffuser embodies the harmony of nature's scents. The earthy, herbal notes transport you to the heart of an unspoiled forest, while our commitment to quality ensures a consistent and immersive scent experience.

Smell: Fresh, earthy, herbal, woody
Vibe: Vibrantly Refreshing, warm, claming and natural
100% handmade

Every diffuser comes with 10 reeds

5 oz diffuser ususally lasts 2-4 months
8.5 oz diffuser usually lasts 4-6 months

5oz: 7*4*11.3cm
8oz: 9.8*4.5*12cm
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