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Installation/Mix Media: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (2nd. Ver.), 2018

Installation/Mix Media: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (2nd. Ver.), 2018

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Embroidery on linen with heat transferred image

9.8*8.6 inch/24*22cm

Spring: "Ci," a form of traditional Chinese lyric poetry popular during the Song Dynasty, serves as the inspiration for this segment. The central lyric is derived from a Ci composed by the renowned Song Dynasty poet Zhu Xi. It conveys the sentiment of feeling the gentle touch of the east wind amidst the vibrant blossoms of spring. Through the integration of classical literature and Chinese traditional embroidery, this series unveils the beauty of ancient Chinese culture.

Summer: The focal lyric of this segment originates from "Water Margin," one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, penned by Chi Nai'an. This Ci lyric vividly portrays the scorching summer sun, likening it to a blazing fire.

Autumn: Tang poetry, which refers to poetry created during or around China's Tang Dynasty, takes center stage in this part. The central line is extracted from the poem "Mountain Trip," written by the illustrious Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. It captures the essence of pausing a journey to marvel at the enchanting late autumn maple woods.

Winter: The central line of this segment is attributed to Cen Shen, a poet from the Tong Dynasty. It encapsulates the image of northern winds sweeping across the land as snow-covered grasses sway and bend.

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