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Performance: The Dump of Broken Heart, 2018

Performance: The Dump of Broken Heart, 2018

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As humans, we are not immune to pain. Yet, it is a common tendency for people to choose escapism over confronting their pain directly. However, it is undeniable that pain is an integral part of life and holds inherent value. Nevertheless, individuals often find themselves burdened by an overwhelming accumulation of negative emotions. The poignant experiences buried deep within one's heart resemble a fishbone stuck in the throat, pricking at one's heart each time they unintentionally recall those memories. Confronting these harrowing past experiences can offer solace and relief from the pain they carry. Through this performance, the creator strives to help the audience realize that they are not alone in carrying such burdens and that they possess the ability to release themselves from their heartbreaking experiences. The act of discarding broken hearts serves as an invitation for individuals to confront their painful experiences and let go of them. The performance affirms that it is within their power to let go, should they choose to do so. Importantly, the performance does not coerce the audience into letting go; rather, it provides a platform for them to reflect upon their past, to determine which heartbreaking experiences they are ready to cast away. It serves as a catalyst for them to decide whether they want to hold on or release those experiences. Furthermore, the performance encourages individuals to embrace the idea of moving forward, to let go of their painful pasts, and to continue with their lives. Face it. Throw it. Life goes on.

Performer: Ans Li 

Photo Documentation: Mengmeng Lu, Evelyn Yin, Leo Li

Video Documentation & Editing: Yiling Zeng

Lighting: Anthony Chao

Sound: Sai, Yourong Zhao, Anthony Chao

(Special Thanks to: Alex Dai Zeming, Haley Toyama, Sunny and Yourong Zhao)

SFAI Fort Mason Atrium, March 5th &24th 2018

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