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"Lychee" Ball Candle

"Lychee" Ball Candle

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Journey to the Exotic with Lychee Scented Candles

Embark on an exotic journey to the heart of Southeast Asia with our Lychee Scented Candle. Close your eyes and envision a lush orchard where vibrant lychee fruits hang in clusters, releasing their sweet and captivating aroma into the warm tropical air.

Our Lychee Scented Candle captures the essence of this exotic paradise, infusing your space with the enticing and fruity scent of lychee. Whether you're seeking an escape from the ordinary or simply want to add a touch of the exotic to your surroundings, our handcrafted candle is the perfect choice.

Meticulously crafted using premium, eco-friendly materials, our Lychee Scented Candle ensures a clean, long-lasting burn that envelops your space in the pure essence of lychee. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is woven into every aspect of our product.

Scent: Lychee

Smell: sweet, tropical and fruity

Vibe: refreshing, exotic, juicy and alluring

100% natural soy wax

100% handmade

Size: 8*8*11cm

Weight: 450g±5g

Candle Safety

Please note that soy wax, being a natural and environmentally friendly material, may exhibit some unique characteristics that are not indicative of any product issues. It is quite common for soy wax candles to develop a white, chalky coating on the surface, as well as small wet spots or rough textures caused by shrinkage during cooling. Additionally, you may notice a rough top after burning or small holes near the wick. We want to assure you that these variations are not defects in your candle but rather a testament to the natural beauty of soy wax. Each of these quirks is a reminder of its purity and eco-friendliness. We embrace these imperfections as a part of the soy wax experience, and they do not compromise the quality or performance of your candle. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the unique character of our soy wax candles. 


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