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Greeting Card DIY Workshop 卡片製作課

Greeting Card DIY Workshop 卡片製作課

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 DIY Workshop - Creative Crafting Adventure


Welcome to our DIY Workshop! We offer a hands-on experience with a small class setting (1-3 ppl), ensuring that each participant receives personalized attention.

Workshop Highlights:

In this 1.5-2 hour session, you have the freedom to explore various artistic possibilities. Explore your artistic expression with a selection of 19 different kinds of paper. Choose between crafting a folded greeting card, postcard, or bookmark, and let your creativity flow! You are able to make 2 cards (your choice of any cards) in this class

Feel free to utilize any tool in our store, including wood and rubber stamps (we have more than 600 stamps!), 32 color inks, wax seal stamps, color pencils, stickers, ribbons, 75 kinds of tapes, 35 color alcohol inks, mini figures (you may choose up to 3), and dried flowers (grown and dried by us), over 1,000 vintage stamps and much more! Additionally, we now offer handmade coffee stain paper.

Whether you arrive with a specific design in mind or seek inspiration, you are encouraged to bring your unique vision to life. We also provide a variety of samples for your reference and inspiration.


1. Introduction: Begin the workshop by exploring the variety of options available. The instructor will introduce you to 19 different kinds of paper and set the stage for your artistic journey.

2. Explanation of the Process: Get a clear understanding of the DIY process. The instructor will explain how to use the tools, unleash your creativity, and make the most of the available materials. Feel free to ask any questions during this informative session.

3. Crafting Your Own Card and Envelope: Now, it's your turn! Dive into the creative process as you craft your own folded greeting card, postcard, or bookmark. Let your imagination guide you.

4. Clean-Up: After completing your masterpiece, take a moment to clean up your workspace. Return any tools and materials to their designated places. This ensures a tidy environment for everyone and allows you to leave with a sense of accomplishment.

What to Take Home: Bring home two uniquely crafted cards (mix and match folding card, postcard, and bookmark), 2 envelops with plastic cases showcasing your creativity. These creations make excellent gifts for your loved ones. If you'd like to mount them on the wall, we offer paper frames for $5 each.

NOTE: This is a DIY class, NOT a tutorial. The instructor will NOT provide step-by-step teaching during the crafting process, but she will be available to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy the journey of self-expression and creativity in this hands-on workshop!


Attendance to the workshop is reserved exclusively for registered participants who have made the payment; kindly note that family members and friends are not permitted to attend without prior registration and payment.


DIY工作坊 - 創意手作之旅 







介紹: 導師將向你介紹19種不同的紙張,你可以隨意挑選兩張。

解釋流程: 深入瞭解DIY的過程。導師將解釋如何使用不同工具。你可以隨時提問。


清理: 在完成你的作品後,請將工具和材料放回指定的位置,清潔印章與桌面。


兩張獨一無二的卡片, 信封和塑料包裝袋。這些作品是送給你親朋愛友的絕佳禮物~也可以放在桌上或者掛在牆上喔!

注意: 這是一個DIY工作坊,不是課程。導師在製作過程中不提供逐步教學,但隨時為你解答任何問題。

工作坊/手工課規則: 請在購買前閱讀。


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