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A New Studio

Installation: Flash Cards (Boys), 2018

Installation: Flash Cards (Boys), 2018

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The notion that "women should stay at home and men should work outside" has persisted throughout history. From a young age, girls are often taught domestic skills such as cooking and childcare, while boys are encouraged to excel academically and pursue successful careers. In response to this, I have created a series of 100 flashcards that depict the societal expectations placed on women and men from an early age. The boys' flashcards showcase professions like police officers and computer experts, while the girls' flashcards feature images of vegetables and kitchenware.

Through this installation, my intention is to challenge the notion of gender differences and suggest that there should be no limitations or distinctions between what women and men can achieve. Women are just as capable as men in pursuing traditionally male-dominated roles, and vice versa. To convey this message, I have intentionally placed the boys' flashcards in the girls' puzzle mat and vice versa. By disrupting the expected gender associations, I aim to emphasize that individuals should be free to pursue their passions and capabilities, irrespective of societal norms or expectations based on gender.

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