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Photography: DIGIT-ANALOG-DIGIT, 2016

Photography: DIGIT-ANALOG-DIGIT, 2016

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This photograph delves into the intriguing interplay between digital and analogue technologies. In recent times, the rapid advancement of new technology has facilitated the collaboration of digital tools with analogue production, overcoming the perceived "weaknesses" of analogue photos. These weaknesses primarily revolve around the unstable quality of analogue photos, which are highly susceptible to variations in light and temperature, making their outcomes unpredictable. However, I perceive these qualities as the "kernel" that defines analogue production's essence. The inherent instability of analogue photos lends them a unique and exhilarating charm, infused with personal touch and emotion. The anticipation of waiting to see the results becomes the most exciting and captivating aspect. Since each image's outcome is distinct, every single one possesses a precious and incomparable nature. Unfortunately, when analogue productions engage with digital processes, they tend to lose their warmth and texture. In the case of this image, it was designed digitally, printed using a "digital to analogue" tool for Polaroid, and subsequently scanned back into digital format, entirely bypassing the involvement of a camera.


30.5*29.8 inch

81 Dry Diffusion Prints (Paloroid)

(Picture 5-7: Embark Gallery, March 24th-Apr. 28th 2018, "Rule No Rule")

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