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Cycle 2021

Cycle 2021

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Cycle 2021

40 inches x 120 inches (101*303m)

Acrylic on Rice Paper Scroll


Ans Li

Video: Artist Talk

The initial concept of this drawing was inspired by the Buddhist idea of Samsara, which means the cycle of existence. It is believed that a person has a pre-existence, a present life and a future life. If a person accumulated merit and virtue from his pre-existence life, then he is blessed in his present life. However, if he committed a sin in this life, then he will suffer in his future life. There is always a consequence for your actions. Enlightened by this thought, I divided our present life into three distinct parts: the past, the present and the future. I wonder, how does the past affect the present? How do our present activities influence the future?

We continue to practice some hobbies and habits from the past to the present, and even in the future. The past affects the present, the present impacts the future. The past, the present and the future are all tightly connected and they seem to form a causal relationship with one another. However, we might overturn our past. For example, things that I loved before, I might not like anymore. In this work, I raise various questions such as, do we create the past? And does the past make us who we are right now? How are we affected by the past, how do we overturn the past? Is the past real?

When we recall a past memory, it is actually a reconstruction of the actual event. This process is heavily influenced by numerous factors such as perception of a distinct reality as well as ones faith and imagination. The past can be blurry, disorderly and unreal. Is my memory real? If the past makes us who we are today, but the past memory has been skewed, then how do we define ourselves? The present, which is this moment, is short but real. How about the past? “The past” can be close to us. This is because the last second of the “present” is the past. However, when we talk about “the past,” we normally think about things that happened a few years ago. “The future” is the same—the future can be ten years from now and it can also be in the next second. The future is full of knowns and unknowns. Since the next second is the future, there are many things that we can correctly predict. However, can I accurately predict what will happen after ten years? I cannot. I can only set a hope for the future and hope to have a bright future.

If the past memory is jumbled, and the future is just our imagination. The only real thing is the present. If this is true, then what is the relationship between the past, the present and the future? This is what I want to explore.         

Cycle  2021 

101 x 303cm




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