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Painting: Cycle迴-Purgatory煉獄, 2021

Painting: Cycle迴-Purgatory煉獄, 2021

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Acrylic, Chinese Watercolor on Wood



Buddhism encompasses the belief in the existence of a person's pre-life, current life, and future life, collectively known as "Samsara" or the cycle of existence. It posits that life is an ongoing cycle of birth, mundane existence, and repeated death. Following death, an individual's rebirth in the six realms of the wheel of life is determined by the karmic consequences of their actions, both good and evil, during their lifetime. Those who have committed harmful deeds are believed to be reborn in hell, the most agonizing and inferior realm of existence.

Elderly individuals often express the notion that if one is fortunate in their present life, it indicates that they have accumulated substantial good karma in their previous life, thus experiencing blessings. Conversely, if one has committed numerous negative actions, they may be destined for hellish realms in the next life. Therefore, performing good deeds and embodying kindness are seen as ways to secure happiness in future lives and avoid the realms of hell.

However, questions arise as to who has the authority to determine a person's next life or claim firsthand experience of hell. In light of these uncertainties, it is advisable to prioritize the present life, living in the moment, and sincerely engaging in acts of goodness.

Besides, "Life is a purgatory”.

佛教認為人有前世,今生和來世。 “輪迴”這種思想理論認為生命會以不同的面貌和形式不斷地經歷出生和死亡。人命終後,人會依照生前所造的善惡業力,而投生於六道輪迴。作惡業者將投生地獄—最痛苦,最低劣的生存界。






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