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Candle Painting Workshop 蠟燭繪畫課

Candle Painting Workshop 蠟燭繪畫課

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Candle Painting Workshop - Unleash Your Creativity on Wax 

Welcome to our special Candle Painting Workshop, where the art of candle making meets the joy of painting! This unique experience offers you the opportunity not only to craft your own candle but also to express your creativity by painting on a candle surface. Whether as a gift or a decorative piece at home, hand-painted candles not only release fragrance but also become cherished memories.

Workshop Highlights:

Indulge in a 2-2.5 hour creative session in a small class setting accommodating 1-4 participants. Immerse yourself in the artistic process as you embark on a journey of candle making and painting. We use natural soy wax and bee wax in this workshop. Mini easel (shown on picture) is provided. 


  • Introduction: We will introduce different kinds of wax and explain how to make candles.
  • Candle Making: Choose your preferred candle type (rabbit, bear, landscape,etc.,), color, and scent. Dive into the mesmerizing process of candle making while customizing your creation to suit your preferences.

  • Candle Painting: While your handmade candle is cooling down, unleash your artistic flair by painting on a pre-made candle. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate the candle's surface with vibrant colors and intricate designs.

  • Take Home Treasures: At the end of the class, take home two unique candles to adorn your space. The first candle is the one you crafted, ready to be painted at home according to your artistic vision. The second candle is the pre-made candle that you transformed into a personalized work of art during the workshop.

Join Us:

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a novice artist, this workshop welcomes individuals of all skill levels to explore the magical fusion of candle making and painting. Unleash your creativity and leave with two beautifully crafted candles that reflect your unique style.

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Attendance to the workshop is reserved exclusively for registered participants who have made the payment; kindly note that family members and friends are not permitted to attend without prior registration and payment.


蠟燭繪畫課 - 在蠟上釋放創意 

你或許有做過蠟燭,但是在蠟燭上畫畫又是一種全新的體驗! 在這個2-2.5小時的小班制(1-4人)蠟燭繪畫課中,你不僅能製作一款精美的蠟燭,還能在蠟燭上發揮創意,繪畫出第一無二的蠟燭。無論是送人,還是放在家做裝飾,親手繪畫的蠟燭不僅能釋放香氣,還能成為一個美好的回憶~




介紹: 我們將介紹不同種類的蠟,並解釋如何製作蠟燭。






手作課預約政策: 請在付款前閱讀


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