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Photography: Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal 6, 204, 2016

Photography: Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal 6, 204, 2016

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This photograph delves into the intricate connection between social activities and religion, revealing that religion's impact extends beyond its spiritual and psychological aspects to influence human activities and shape civilizations. Initially, distant viewers may mistake the image for a lofty church skylight, but upon closer inspection, they will discover a composition of various objects. The meticulous arrangement comprises a total of 6,204 pieces, each symbolizing a distinct element. Coins embody trade and commerce, while the black Lego piece signifies construction and labor. The light blue pen cap represents education, and the blue painting embodies the realm of arts. Red and green candies symbolize sustenance and nutrition, while the white CD albums embody entertainment. These objects collectively represent vital components of a functioning society. By presenting diverse perspectives, the image illuminates the intricate interplay between these elements and underscores their interconnectedness.


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