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100% Natural Liquid Hand Soap Workshop 純天然洗手液手作課

100% Natural Liquid Hand Soap Workshop 純天然洗手液手作課

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Welcome to the Natural Liquid Hand Soap Workshop, where self-care, natural skin care, and hygiene intersect to create a holistic approach to personal wellness. In this nurturing environment, we invite you to explore the art of crafting 100% natural liquid hand soap, emphasizing the importance of self-care practices and maintaining hygiene through natural skincare solutions.

Workshop Highlights:

Indulge in a 2 hour creative session in a small class setting accommodating 1-4 participants. 


Understanding the Ingredients: Before crafting your liquid hand soap, we will discuss the unique properties of coconut oil and olive oil soaps. We'll explore their benefits for skin health and hygiene, and you'll have the opportunity to try both varieties to experience the difference firsthand. Then you can select your preferred base—olive oil or coconut oil—to create two 8.5oz bottles of luxurious liquid hand soap. 

Liquid Hand Soap Crafting: Delve into the mesmerizing process of soap making, customizing each batch with your chosen scents from our selection of 21 essential oils or 52 fragrance oils. 

Personalization: channel your creativity into designing personalized labels for each bottle, reflecting the essence of natural skin care and your unique style.

Take Home Treasures: At the end of the class, take home your two bottles of beautifully scented and personalized liquid hand soap.

Join Us:

Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a curious beginner, this workshop welcomes individuals of all skill levels to explore the art of natural liquid hand soap crafting. We look forward to nurturing your self-care journey and enhancing your hygiene practices with handmade treasures! 

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Attendance to the workshop is reserved exclusively for registered participants who have made the payment; kindly note that family members and friends are not permitted to attend without prior registration and payment.





瞭解原料:在製作液體肥皂之前,我們會討論椰子油皂基(soap base)和橄欖油皂基的獨特屬性。我們會探討它們對皮膚好處,並讓你親自嘗試兩種洗手液,體驗它們的不同之處。然後你將選擇你喜歡的基礎配方——橄欖油或椰子油,來製作兩瓶8.5盎司洗手液。





手作課預約政策: 請在付款前閱讀。



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