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Folded Card workshop 賀卡製作

Folded Card workshop 賀卡製作

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Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆Starter

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Size: choose from 8.89*12.38cm, 10.16*13.79cm or 12.7*17.78cm 

Workshop includes: 1 folded card, 1 envelope and 1 plastic protector 

 Paper Color: White, Beige and Brown. 

$5 for a paper frame that can stand on the desk or mount on wall. 

Workshop Capacity: 2 Students vs 1 Teacher (If schedule 2 slots at the same time, there is a $5 discount for a total price): $35/card, $55 for 2 cards. 1 Student vs 1 Teacher: $55/card, $75 for two cards.

 Language: English, Cantonese and/or Mandarin

This is a DIY workshop. We provided all the tools needed and you can work on it freely! If you have a design in mind, you are very welcome to work on it. We also have tons of samples for your reference! :)

Feel free to use any of the tool in our store, including wood and rubber stamps (we have more than 600 stamps!!), 32 color inks, wax seal stamps, color pencils, stickers, ribbons, 75 kinds of tapes, 35 color alcohol inks, mini figures and dried flowers (which grow and dried by us)! And more!

Let’s have fun!



-introduce different types of paper and tools

- Explain the process

- Make you own card and envelope

-Clean up the stamp and the space

To Schedule a Workshop:

After you pay, the teacher will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the workshop. 

You may reach us on instagram: anewstudio_ca and on Wechat: a_new_studio.

You may CANCEL the workshop, but it is required to contact us THREE days before the workshop starts. If a student cancel the workshop within three days, NO FEE WILL BE RETURNED. 

Students are allow to RESCHEDULE the workshop once, but it is required to contact us FIVE days before the workshop starts. No extra fee will apply. The reschedule date needs to be within 30 days of your original scheduled date. 

If a student LATE for 15 minutes or more, some of the working processes might be reduced. for example, the teacher may skip the introduction or you may only able to make a simple texture/style candle. If a student LATE for more than 45 minutes, the teacher will not start the class, NO FEE WILL BE RETURNED. Thank you for your understanding. 




尺寸:可選8.89*12.38釐米 10.16*13.79釐米 12.7*17.78釐米

課程包括: 一張賀卡加一個信封,一個透明保護袋



課程人數:二對一 (兩位學生一位老師)(如果一次性預約相同課程的兩個位置,可減$5):$35/張卡,$55/兩張卡 一對一 (一位老師一位學生)費用為:$55/張卡,$75兩張卡。















聯繫我們:instagram anewstudio_ca,微信:  a_new_studio





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